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Changing Table Essentials

Changing Table Essentials

Hi Everyone! How was your Valentine's Day? Ours was pretty fantastic we went for burgers and shakes than ran back home to put Hunny Bunny to bed. Simple but everything I could have wanted. 

Everywhere I go I keep running into other mothers all with sons the same age as my Little Guy. We all seem to feel the same way. Just shell shocked that they are almost 1 year old and how fast this first year really went by. 

To me it's such a blur. This baby who weighed 5 pounds is now walking, talking and feeding himself. I just don't know how that happened so quickly!

Over the next few months as our Little One is approaching his birthday I'd love to share how I prepared for his arrival, what worked, what didn't and what I've learned over a series of posts.

This first one is kind of funny. While I was pregnant I wasn't worried about changing a diaper, or giving a bottle or burping. (I'm the oldest of three sisters and have seven younger cousins.)

What I did worry about were the things I never had to think about before like....what exactly goes in a changing table.

I did tons of research and through trial and error here's what has worked best for me.

Diapers & Wipes

First off day diapers, overnight diapers and wipes. A TON of them. Nothing is worse than getting your baby prepped for a change and realizing the diaper drawer or wipe box is empty.

Cloth Diapers

I bought some of these to use as burp cloths before our son was born. Two weeks in I bought 10 more. You can use them for everything. We found them especially useful for covering up Bunny Bear at changes so his diaper was the only thing that got wet. 

First Aid Gear

The changing table in the beginning becomes the epicenter for doing everything. If you are going to take their temperature, put on a band aid, give them medicine it all happens here. We keep our thermometer (that we LOVE) in a box in the top drawer along with all other supplies like neosporin, gauze (don't bother with cotton balls) nail clippers, infant Tylenol.


Our changing table doubles as a dresser. It's so useful to keep all of the clothing there to get him dressed at diaper change start of the day and into pj's at the end of it.

Elastic Hair Bands

When you're going in for a diaper change sometimes you just need to put your hair back. Keep a few in the top drawer for emergencies. Be careful though these bands are a choking hazard. I keep mine in a zippered pouch at the back of the drawer just to be safe.


I still keep some swaddle blankets in the changing table. When our guy a newborn (and I was still figuring it all out) there would be times when I couldn't get the wipes package open. Meanwhile he was half naked waiting for a new diaper. I could grab a blanket and cover him up to stay warm while wrestling with the impossible packaging.


It's good to have a distraction around so little babies don't cry too much at changing time. When they get bigger and don't want to sit still it helps even more, We started with a musical mobile and added a toy bar and a squeaky teething toy for distractions. Keep a few extra pacifiers at the changing station as well! 

Hand Sanitizer & Moisturizer

When your little one is crying it's not too likely that you'll be able to put them down to go wash your hands after a diaper change. Sanitizing my hands makes me feel sooooo much better about handling our son after the dirty work is done. I found Babyganics sanitizer to be the easiest on my hands.

That being said, all the hand washing and sanitizing you do in the first months of being a parent really strips the moisture out of your hands. Keep a little bottle of lotion for you and baby next to the sanitizer to use from time to time.

Vaseline and Diaper Rash Creme

You'll intermittently use both of these so keep them close at hand. I keep both on top to the changing table so they are easy to locate in a pinch.

Water Proof Liner

Lastly I keep extra water proof liners in the changing table. I always have one underneath the changing pad cover but I like to keep extra in case our guy has an accident half way through a change. This was I can lay the water proof liner down on top of everything to form a barrier between the wet stuff and our son. Then I get his diaper changed, get him dressed and put him in the crib while I change the cover and clean the pad.

Good Luck!

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