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Valentine's Day Last Minute Ideas

Valentine's Day Last Minute Ideas

Forever and forever ago I was dating someone before my husband. It was my first serious relationship out of college. We both went to our respective jobs one morning and realized by lunch it was Valentine's Day.

We called each other and said....."should we do something?"

That was the last time I was unprepared for Valentine's Day until now.

I was SUPPOSED to make heart ice cream sandwiches today. But then our oven broke.

It turned out to be a great thing because I hit the internet and found all these easy last minutes ideas for Valentine's Day!

So if your in the same position as me take a look.


Just have fun, let loose and sing some tunes. Maybe dedicate a song to each other. And don't worry it's karaoke you don't have to be good at it.

Heart Wall Collage

Print up some photos of the two of you and make a heart shaped collage on your wall as a reminder of all the good times together.

Love Note Tea Bags

Cut out hearts from construction paper. Staple two hearts back to back over the original tea bag tag and write some love notes to swoon your Valentine with each cup they drink.

Live Performance

A stand up comedy show, band, dj. Anything that floats your boat.

Double Date With Another Couple Who Also Don't Have Plans

After you've been together for a while Valentine's Day becomes pretty run of the mill. It's fun to shake things up. Getting together with another couple and having a laugh is always a great way to mix things up.

A Quiet Night At Home

Finally if all else is impossible to do. A quiet night a home. Their favorite music, favorite drink, favorite takeout. Sometimes just showing that you care enough to remember the little things means more than any present or expensive dinner.

Have A Romantic Evening!

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