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What Do You Get Done During Your Commute?

What Do You Get Done During Your Commute?

Something I love about living and working in New York City is the commute.  

I know it sounds crazy. Crowded trains, waiting in line, walking in all types of weather.  

But my commute was always one of my favorite times of the day. I got more personal stuff done on a 40 minute train ride than in an entire Saturday afternoon!

Marcelo and I shared a commute to Queens Plaza. We would sip our travel mugs, joke around, look at news stories on our phones, talk about what we wanted to do after work. Then I would switch trains and he stay on the same train. 

Once we went our separate ways there was 30 minutes to fill! I could return texts, check emails, pay bills, shop online for Christmas presents. Some mornings it was just sudoku and music but typically I was getting stuff done!  

The ride home at the end of a long day was always more laid back: catch up on podcasts, read a book,  research restaurants and vacation destinations. 

Still I arrived home feeling like all that stuff was out of the way and just had time to relax and hang out. 

Now that I’m no longer commuting designated “catch up” time has become Leo’s nap time. I’m still able to get the same amount of stuff done.....but it’s not the same. Something about the subway makes you want to dig deep into a book. Or pull out your phone and write to everyone you know. None of which you can do while driving a car. 

I'm sure there’s a way to bridge the gap between the two. In the meantime the three hours a day when Leo blissfully snoozes away is all about getting stuff done. And that’s not too bad!

How about you? Do you have a commute? What’s your routine? Do you like to stay busy or just hang out and relax? I’d love to hear from you! 


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