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Holiday Gift Guide For Family & Friends

Holiday Gift Guide For Family & Friends

The biggest part of our holiday shopping list (and the hardest to tackle) is for all of our family and friends.

We know them, love them and have great ideas of what to get them. But how do we know what we're getting them is not only the best...but the best for them. I swear I spend more time doing Google research than actually shopping.

While surfing the web looking for the top rated items I came across

Their team finds not just the best products out there but the best products for each consumer. 

This one stop site made my Christmas list a breeze to get through!

Here's my Holiday Gift Guide for Friends & Family chosen from the recommendations of


A new cooking device for the Mother-In-Law who's always hosting Sunday Dinner


A good nights sleep for an awesome Auntie and Sister-In-Law


Eyeliner that won't quit for a fashion forward Sister


Some lovely wine for a Mom/Grandma to enjoy at the end of the day


A robot friend to do the sweeping so Dad/Grandpa can kick back and enjoy the wine as well


Healthy and fresh juice for the vegetable loving sister in Oregon


A better way for my Bestie to stretch it out when taking Yoga


For my new Brother-In-Law with a super awesome beard......Beard Oil!



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