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Dating During The Holidays

Dating During The Holidays

When I was single there was one time of year I wished I had a boyfriend but never wanted to go on a date.

The holiday season is already hectic with parties, gifts, dinners, work, travel. Who has time to date?!

There was one holiday season when I was in a relationship that started after Thanksgiving. I remember all the dancing we had to do around the typical expectations of a relationship during the season. While trying to keep things moving slowly since the relationship was brand new.

Here's some of the advice I followed that Christmas to keep things fun and simple.


Don't Feel Compelled To Invite Your New Relationship To The Office Party

And don't be offended if he doesn't invite you to yours. Office parties are stressful and awkward enough without being asked by strangers repeatedly if you're his girlfriend. Better yet schedule a date for the day after. You can meet for a drink and will surely have plenty of stories to share.

Do Invite Them To A Friends Holiday Party

Parties are a great way to introduce your new person to the friend group. Since holiday parties are always so festive people let their guards down more and really jump into the merriment. If you think your new love interest is on the shy side be sure to stick close by and not get swept off in all the fun. They'll appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Go Ahead And Do A Holiday Themed Date

Ice skating, looking at window displays, visiting Santa. Why not?! By next year it may even be your tradition.

Gift Shop Together

I did this the year of my December relationship. It was great! We spent the whole day together. I learned all about his family, friends, co-workers while we browsed through stores. By the end of the day we had each purchased and given each other a Christmas gift we noticed the other admiring during the outing. 

Get Them A Gift

You want to give them a gift but you don't want them to feel pressured to buy you something in return. Or worse yet make the other person feel badly for not getting you anything. Chances are if you've been out on three or more dates.....they're getting you a gift. Either way pick out something small and hold onto it. That way if they bring out a surprise you're not empty handed.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask About New Years

New Years date in a new relationship can be tricky. Make some tentative plans with friends. Ask if your guy would potentially like to join you or if he already has plans of his own. Unless either of you has a firm commitment chances are you'll be ringing in the New Year together.


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