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Holiday Gift Guide For Toddlers

Holiday Gift Guide For Toddlers

The Holidays are almost here. I started thinking about what we want to give Leo back in September.

instead of a lot of small inexpensive toys, we’ve decided to get him a few more expensive items that are developmental that Toddlers Love and can play with for a few years!

Here’s our Holiday shopping list for Leo.  


Reading Teepee

I had a Reading Tent when I was a kid. I loved curling up inside with the twinkle lights and reading Little House On The Prairie all afternoon. I love all of the modern versions of play tents for children. Now that Leo's obsessed with us reading to him I can't wait to snuggle up with some of his favorite books.


Train Set

Leo has started loving trains. In fact his favorite book is Train! I want to get him something special. Until we know if this is a passing phase or here to stay I don't want to spend too too much on a train set. The Lillabo by Ikea is a perfect for his age and a great start!


Who doesn't love bubbles? Fubbles is hands free and will create a Bubble Tsunami!



Leo loves music especially the guitar. He's fascinated when people are playing and super excited when he gets to pay a few notes. Lil' Symphony Guitar by Kid Kraft is the perfect size for a toddler and has real guitar strings for little fingers to pluck.

hanging-retro-play-kitchen (1).jpg

Play Kitchen

This item has also been on my list for a long time. It's a good way for kids to start getting familiar with food and a great way to keep them entertained when company comes over. (Plastic egg sandwich anyone?) We love the this Hanging Retro Kitchen hangs on the wall and folds up when your done, which leaves more room to run around between cooking session!


Magic Tracks

This item we already have. Grandpa gave it to Leo last Christmas. We put it away after the tree came down and just brought it back out. We all love playing Magic Tracks. Leo can hang out for hours with us as we do different tricks with the cars change the tracks and have races. It also adds a fun touch to the bottom of your Christmas Tree!


Christmas Breakfast

Christmas Breakfast

First Haircut

First Haircut