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First Haircut

First Haircut

When Leo was first born he had a full head of hair. Then like most babies it all disappeared! Then it felt like it took forever to grow back. A few weekends ago we noticed that his bangs were intermixing with his eyelashes and decided it was time for Leo's First Haircut!


My Mom gave us our haircuts at home until we were in elementary school. But Leo wiggles so much there was no way I was going to go anywhere near him with scissors. So I did some research and found a kids salon near our home. 

I called ahead and let them know how old Leo was. Good thing we did because they only have one person on staff who cuts hair for children under two years old. 


About an hour and a half before Leo's nap time Marcelo and I loaded into the car prepared with camera, musical toys, play cars and Leo's favorite book. All to keep him distracted while he was in the chair.

Turns out we didn't need any of it. The salon had toys galore. A whole room in fact of just toys to keep kids entertained while waiting.

Leo's obsessed with older kids and immediately started following these two boys around.


When it was his turn they let us choose between a rocket ship and a fire engine chair. So cute!


Each station had a t.v. with cartoons playing. It kept Leo totally distracted while the hair dresser worked her magic at lightening speed!


Marcelo took video while I took photos. Turns out we were the ones who needed the distraction. We both kept our hands busy so we didn't worry about those sharp object near our Hunny Bunny's ears. The last thing we wanted was for him to think there was anything to be nervous about. 


Ten minutes later all done! The hair dresser tucked his locks into a little envelope for us.

I almost cried he didn't look anything like a baby anymore he looked like a true toddler.


Icing on the cake for Leo......a big green balloon for doing such a great job!!!


Here he is looking dashing and ready for our family photos next weekend!


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