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Maintaining Weight During the Holidays

Maintaining Weight During the Holidays

I'm taking a break from dieting over the holidays. I already know that resisting joining in on all my favorite dishes will be impossible . But what was the point of all that work if I just let it all go for a month? 

I don't want to backslide but I also don't want to feel like I have to avoid every holiday party. So I've decided for this holiday season the goal is to maintain my current weight with a little wiggle room (I mean you can't skip the eggnog).

Here's my plan of how to maintain while enjoying this holiday season.



Keep moving. I have a Fitbit to track my steps and remind me when I've been idle too long. iPhone also has a health app that can do the same. Set a goal of steps to take everyday. If you already have a daily goal, increase it a bit to account for any additional eating you may be doing. Take the stairs instead of the escalator. Try walking 5-10 minutes after lunch. You'd be surprised how much more energy you have during the work day if you get a little movement in mid-day.



Water is your friend. Most of the time when we feel hungry were actually just thirsty. So each time you want to get a snack or before eating a big meal, have a glass of water and then reevaluate how hungry you really are.


Easy On The Alcohol

It's the season of celebration! Which means allot of toasting everywhere you go. Alcohol has a high calorie content and slows down your metabolism. So have a glass of cheer! Just not three or four. 


You Don't Have To Eat Just Because There's Food

My biggest downfall at a party is that everything looks so good and I want to try it all! Pick out the things you want to try the most. Once you're full just stop. Save it for the next party and feel better about your choices when you go to bed.


Don't Take The Tidbit Bag

Your host wants to send everyone home with the extra food. But don't take it. Leave the party food at the party and keep the temptation out of your home.

Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself

It's going to happen you're going to eat too much and of the wrong stuff a few times over the next month. Don't beat yourself up over it. Take an extra walk the next day and do it different at the next party. After all the holidays should be fun.


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