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Instead Of Going To This Years Parade

Instead Of Going To This Years Parade

Almost every major city in the U.S. has a Thanksgiving Day Parade with ginormous balloons!

Marcelo and I have been floating (get it...floating) the idea of going to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this year. It's every kids dream to go see those big balloons in person.


I mentioned to my Cousin what we were planning to do and she gave me a great suggestion. Just go watch the balloons being blown up the night before. 

What a great suggestion! It's less crowded, you can get closer, and see more. We love this idea! 


Here's my genius cousins tips to seeing the parade balloons blown up the night before Thanksgiving.


Go Early

The balloon inflation takes place at the American Museum of Natural History. The earlier you go the smaller the crowds. Inflation starts at 4:30 PM last admission to the area is at 9:15 PM. If you want to make a day of it go to the museum first to start off the day with some dinosaurs.



Take the subway. Since it's the night before Thanksgiving lots of people are driving out to see family and even more visitors are coming into NYC. Making lots of traffic. The B,C line drops off right in front of the museum. So when it's time to go, you can go with no delays.


Leave The Stroller

Even though it's less crowded than the parade the balloon inflation still gets pretty crowded. Leave the stroller at home to avoid getting stuck moving through the crowd.


If You Want To Avoid Crowds Altogether

The New-York Historical Society hosts a Thanksgiving Eve balloon inflation viewing party for members who contribute at the family level or above. If you're already a fan of the museum, a membership might really make sense to gain this perk. You can watch the balloons go up while avoiding the cold and crowds.


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