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Fake It Don't Make It Thanksgiving Sides

Fake It Don't Make It Thanksgiving Sides

I have never hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner. Mainly because after watching my parents do it every year of my life it does not look appealing to me in any way. Every year it's a week of shopping, planning, prepping, delegating out dishes to other family members. Then 2 days in the kitchen cooking. When it's all cooked and done there are dishes and pots and pans to clean! NO THANK YOU!

Every year my parents collapse on the couch after the meal while we all clean up and swear they are going to have the whole thing catered going never happens. 

It's hard to understand why it happens. We have dinner every night and it doesn't spiral out of control. I offered to help this year convinced that I could simplify the process, I mean what's all the fuss about.

Then I started researching menu ideas and discovered why Thanksgiving dinner is such a process. There are a million side dishes and each one is a must must must have on the table.

I love to cook but racing around the kitchen making 5 things at once while company asks if it's ready yet is not for me.

Soooooooo, I did some research and for Thanksgiving this year we are having pre-made side dishes! I found the best rated pre-pared packaged side dishes for the Thanksgiving table. Heat them up in the over and throw away the box!

Give them a try and let me know what you think.


Potatoes - Sweet & Mashed

Potatoes are the first side dish I think of for Thanksgiving. Simply Potatoes have a variety of options easy to heat up and taste as good as home made.



Trader Joe's does pre-made food at it's best. Drop in to get your carrots, kale, string beans ready made for the big day.



Gravy seems effortless but it's still one more to do on an already long list. Try this Organic Turkey Gravy and see if you miss doing the extra pots & pans


Cranberry Sauce

Try this Cranberry Orange Relish for a sweet dish better than the canned stuff



I tried these Aloha Rolls at a dinner party fluffy and perfect for Turkey Day



Fresh baked pie is great but Patti Labelle's Pies are amazing!



I know salad seems simple but don't forget about all the washing, peeling and chopping. These Salad Kits can easily accompany your dinner


Mac & Cheese

The side dish to end all side dishes Mac & Cheese please!


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November Equals Peanut Butter

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