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Seriously Cute (And Original) Halloween Costumes

Seriously Cute (And Original) Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the ultimate kids holiday. Dressing up in school, unlimited candy and being as silly as you want.

We had some pretty cool costumes to choose from when I was a kid. But children now have some seriously cute SERIOUSLY AWESOME costumes available to them.

I've been looking for a costume for Leo this year and it's really hard to choose. I've found all the adorable (and original costumes) for kids. Take a look at some of my favorite below

Baby Sea Turtle and Cappuccino Baby costumes are genius!

If you haven't seen Monsters Inc. it's a must! We watched it together the other night and were laughing so hard. These Boo and Mike Wazowski costumes are great for trick or treating pairs.


Who doesn't want to be a cuddly Woodland Animal


This Kissing Booth costume is so sweet!


What kid doesn't want to pretend to be a Dinosaur for a day


Best Butterfly costume EVER! 


If your an Octopus then there are eight hands to grab candy with


A Candy Fairy Katy Perry inspired costume


Why be an Astronaut when you can be the Rocket!


All Mermaids should go to college. That's how they become President!


Monkey......or SOCK MONKEY

Costumes for parents that incorporate the baby carrier, like this Chef and Scuba Diver, are a stroke of brilliance


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