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How To Make Mitten Puppets

How To Make Mitten Puppets

Fall has kicked up a notch and the days have been so chilly!

With Halloween coming up we decided to get out our Fall jackets and accessories.

One thing we can always count on each Fall is finding mismatched gloves. I buy a new pair every few years and along the way one always manages to go missing. Let year we got Leo 3 pairs on mittens. We only have one set left.

Luckily we saved all those lonely gloves and mittens to do one of my favorite childhood crafts. Make Mitten Puppets!

Mitten Puppets are perfect for entertaining on a long car ride or in a restaurant. These adorable creations will make any child giggle and sparks lots of imaginative fun.

Here's how to make mitten puppets and some templates you can use to create your own.



  • Puppet templates
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tailor's chalk
  • Felt in a range of colors appropriate to your animal
  • Needle and waxed twine (for cat's whiskers only)
  • Magna-Tac glue (or thread and needle, if you would prefer to sew the felt to the mitten)


  1. Using the templates included here, or animal books for inspiration, draw shapes for eyes, ears, paws or feet, and nose onto paper.
  2. Cut out the paper shapes, and use them as templates; trace the designs onto felt with tailor's chalk.
  3. Cut out the felt shapes.
  4. Glue the various shapes to your mitten or glove, placing noses near the center front of the mitten.


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