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ZZ Top Knot

ZZ Top Knot

Something about a topknot bun that is chic, quirky and cool all at the same time.

A messy bun is always my go to in a pinch because it brings every outfit together.

Since becoming a mom it has really become my go to!

Easy to do, looks good and Little Guy can't pull my hair if it's tied up.

I try to mix it up so I don't feel too Mom'd out.

Here are some great tutorials for a variety of messy buns including my own method.

My own personal go-to method for a messy bun is to emulate the models in the J. Crew Catalog.

  • add a little dry shampoo paste by R+Co. It gives great volume and texture
  • flip your head over to gather hair into a loose pony at the crown of the head
  • loosely twist the ponytail. Then wind it around to form a bun. (If you want a more voluminous bun tease the pony before twisting.)
  • secure the bun into place. (I always use these Spin Pins they keep my hair in place all day!)
  • pull a few strands from the nape of you neck and around your face to give that rolled out of bed look
bun8 (1).jpg

Criss Cross Bun is an easy way to do something interesting and simple.

  • separate your hair into three equal sections - top for the bun, middle for the 1st wrap, & bottom for the last wrap. the easiest way to do this is to wrap a pony tail holder around each one
  • take the top section of your hair and twist it into a bun once you’ve twisted all your hair, secure it with a bobby pin don’t worry about how this part looks, because it’ll eventually be covered up
  • take a 1" section from the middle section and twist it. once you’ve twisted it, then twist it around the bun. (double twist action going on here!) then secure with a bobby pin
  • continue to wrap 1" pieces of hair from the middle section around the bun. make sure to leave the bottom sections of hair down
  • from the bottom section of your hair, divide it in 1/2 (left and right). take half of the hair and wrap it around the opposite side of the bun. this will start to create the “criss-cross” effect that adds a little something special! then take the second section and wrap on the opposite side of the bun. Criss cross complete!

Side Bun can give you a dressier flirty look

  • brush your hair to the side you want the bun on
  • part your hair horizontally
  • create the other section of hair up into a loose bun, fix it with a band
  • twist the rest hair around the above bun locks by locks
  • pull on the tops to give it a looser feel
  • pull out some locks for a messier look
  • fix with bobby pin to keep it in place

Scarf Bun is pretty simple and fun

  • get your favorite scarf
  • wrap around the base of your bun in a criss cross
  • tie in a double knot to secure

Low Bun is low key but with an interesting twist

  • separate a few thick strands at the top of your head and tease them
  • pull your hair down styling it in a low ponytail
  • fluff up the teased part of your hair
  • use a hair tie to secure it into a low ponytail
  • separate the ponytail into a top and bottom
  • tease the top layer of the ponytail
  • flip the lower half over the teased portion
  • wrap hair around the base of your bun and pin into place
  • style any loose strands





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