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What's Your Language Rating?

What's Your Language Rating?

Have you cleaned up your language since your Hunny Bunny was born?

We've been doing pretty well but it has been really hard. And strange.

Before baby I would give myself a language rating of PG-13. I only cursed if I really hurt myself or if I was really upset. Like really, really upset. Like the time someone broke into my car and stole EVERYTHING upset.

My husband before baby was a definite R. He didn't curse that much but when he did he dropped the bomb.

Funny thing, when I was pregnant we swapped. I started cursing more and he started cursing less. It made sense hormones, aches & pains, not being able to bend over to put on my snow boots.

The first few months of Bunny Bears life we didn't mind our mouths too much because he didn't know what we were saying.

Now that our Little Guy is starting to babble we know it won't be long until the first word. And we know what we DON'T want it to be. So we're trying harder than ever to be a G rating.

Gosh darn it and oh shoot don't really work for us so we decided to make up our own words.

Flip flop
Shish Kabob

Once my husband stubbed his toe and shouted out FANDANGO!

My favorite to say is "Aww Peaches"

It's actually more fun to speak this way. We feel so much better doing it. And instead of staying upset we just end up laughing.

Got any good suggestions for us? Shout them out!

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