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A few weeks ago my family was over and our Little Guy started pulling on his ear.

My parents were convinced that it was an ear infection and we would end up in the hospital that night.

They started talking about all the times they brought me to the hospital my first year. Which made my husband and I say "hmmmm". Because we hadn't noticed until that moment but in 10 1/2 months we have not gone to the hospital once.

I asked a friend of mine with 2 kids if she went to the hospital allot with her first when he was a baby. Her response. "Constantly!"

She went on to tell me that it's good we've never gone because it's a nightmare. The check in process, waiting, waiting and waiting. All while your worrying about your Little Love.

Don't think we're calm and collected parents. We've had some overreactions in the last year. He didn't poop today, he's crying but not in his usually way, his temperature is low, he's sleeping ALLOT!.....should we wake him up?

What's saved us from the agony of the emergency room? The pediatrician on call.

It's great. If we're worried we call our pediatricians office. The answering service asks us what's wrong. They pass the message onto the Doctor on call that evening.

We've always gotten a call back within 30 minutes. They tell us what it could be, what to do, if we should go to the hospital or come into their office the next day.

So much better than sitting in a germy hospital all night just to find out we had a case of the worries.

Honestly 8 of the 10 times we've called everything has been fine by morning. No need to take him to the Dr. So we can spend the day playing instead.

What's your experience with your little one and emergency rooms? Have you gone allot? Or do you call the Dr. first as well?

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