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The Big Salad

The Big Salad

One thing I miss about working is lunch.

Wherever there's an office there is always a place near by making delicious big salads. 

Surprisingly there's a lack of lunch places in my new neighborhood where I can grab a salad on the go. 

Mason Jar Salads are always pretty, convenient and easy to make. The best part of a salad though (my favorite part) is the dressing!

Here are some great salad dressing recipes easy enough to whip up at home.

Caesar Salad is always my favorite. The dressing has a tangy smooth taste without being overwhelming. I update this classic by using kale and adding sliced avacado.

While I was pregnant I went to Chop't everyday for their Mexican Goddess dressing. There's no location near our new home so I was beyond happy to find the recipie for it online.

Greek salads have a little bit of everything. Sweet tomatoes, salty olives, crunchy lettuce. A great vinaigrette with some garlic goes perfectly.

Ranch dressing is delicious but ranch dressing with jalapenos AH- mazing!

Lastly nothing tops a French Vinaigrette. It goes with everything and always tastes incredible!

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