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New Year New Resolve

New Year New Resolve

Do you do New Years resolutions?

I used to make a long list every year that would include lofty goals like: learn to play guitar, learn to sail, take a vacation to insert country here.

Whatever I didn't accomplish just got put back on the list the next year.

This year I was stumped. Clearly none of my old resolutions are applicable with a baby soon to be toddler.

What did I finally decide finish reading a book!

Before baby I had 2 hours on the subway every day to sit and read.

Once a month I would go to my favorite book store and browse around for something new to dive into.

I was desperately trying to finish this book before he arrived. Since then I've only been able to read an additional 50 pages.

Going forward nap time for Baby is going to be reading time for Mommy.

Here's a list of the books I am hoping to get to in 2017.

From my favorite news pundant
The new movie made me admire her strength and grace
Diary of a role model both on screen and off
A follow up of a beautiful classic
A thriller for snowy nights
This lady has an original voice that is always hilarious
A dark period of history with unbelievable stories
A sweet reminder of life
Written by my sons namesake
If anyone knows about happiness and enlightenment it's him
A great woman in history and the man who was beside her
She's hysterical on stage
An inspirational leader for women

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The Big Salad

The Big Salad

New Years Eve - When Harry Met Sally

New Years Eve - When Harry Met Sally