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What To Watch This Weekend: Mary Tyler Moore Show

What To Watch This Weekend: Mary Tyler Moore Show

Mary Tyler Moore has been a big party of my life since I was a girl.

My sister and I would watch Mary Tyler Moore Show on T.V. Land every night. We loved it!

The characters, the dialogue, Betty White! 

The themes are still resounding today. A woman fresh out of a failed relationship moves to a new city to take on a new job. Her co-workers and neighbors become her urban family and help each other navigate the path of life. But in a hilarious way.

Mary Tyler Moore's passing this week was heartbreaking. If you loved her and this show, like so many of us did, go back and re-watch it. It will be just as funny as the first time you saw it.

(HULU is currently streaming the first 3 seasons of Mary Tyler Moore. Netflix is streaming The Dick Van Dyke Show.)

Fun Facts

  • The cast of MTM is considered to be one of the best ever ensembled for a sitcom
  • The show spawned more successful spinoffs (Lou Grant, Rhoda and Phyllis) than any other sitcom in history.
  • Producers wanted "someone like Betty White" to play Sue-Anne Nivens. Eventually, someone asked "Why not cast Betty White?"
  • The show was originally going to be about a divorced woman. The network was afraid people would think that Mary Tyler Moore had divorced Rob Petrie, her character's husband on The Dick Van Dyke Show so it changed to a broken engagement.
  • Voted #11 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. MTM has won 5 Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. The most of any comedy series.
  • Moore wore a wig for the first season of the show, to make her look less like Laura Petrie, her character on The Dick Van Dyke Show. When the wig was discarded, the change in her hairstyle, including her much lighter hair color, was never commented on in the show itself.
  • Mary Tyler Moore said this about "That Girl", the groundbreaking feminist girl power sitcom that preceded " The Mary Tyler Moore Show": "Anne Marie opened the door and Mary Richards walked right through it".
  • In the opening credits, the shot of Mary Tyler Moore throwing her hat into the air was shot at the corner of 7th Street and Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. In May 2002, TV Land erected a statue of her at that spot, facing the opposite direction.




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