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Movies That Are As Good As The Books

Movies That Are As Good As The Books

Anytime I hear of a great book it goes on my list. Anytime I hear that a great book is being turned into a movie I am on a mission to read it before the movie is released.

Once you see the movie it's so hard to go back and read the book it almost never happens.

On top of that a great book becomes a part of you making it so personal that any part of the movie that strays from the book is an automatic fail in your opinion.

Still you go in routing for the movie to live up to the book. When it does it's the best feeling! 

Here are some books that (in my opinion) the movie version lived up to. I read half of these after seeing the movie. They're the rare few that are just as enjoyable after seeing the film.

I read this book about 4 times in a row when it came out and saw the film about 6 times in the theaters.

The Hunger Games books were such a sensation they had no choice but to get the movies right.

Angela's Ashes is one of those cases where I saw the movie before reading the book and still cried on the last page.

Confession. I have not read any of the Harry Potter books or seen any of the movies. I know I know, it just kind of missed me somehow. Now that I have a son I'm waiting until he's old enough so we can read and watch them together for the first time.

My name is Inigo Montoya. So many amazing quotes in this movie. As romantic, funny and touching as it is to watch it's equally wonderful to read.

The book is beautifully written. The soundtrack to this movie gives me the chills.

Don't ask me which version I like better. It's so hard to choose.

Another instance where I saw the move (about 20 times) before reading the book. Both are equally worth getting lost in.

Jane, Jane, everywhere Jane. This is my favorite Jane Austen movie AND book.

Last but not least To Kill A Mockingbird. Both the movie and the book are classics.

In case you're looking to get ahead of the game. Below are some books that have been critically hailed and are having the movie version released in 2017.

Get Reading!

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