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What To Watch This Weekend: Bringing Up Baby

What To Watch This Weekend: Bringing Up Baby

If you want a movie to watch this weekend that is funny, original and kid friendly then you have to see Bringing Up Baby.

This movie is a classic.

Carey Grant and Katherine Hepburn are total opposites. She's a carefree socialite he's a conservative scientist.

They keep getting throw together in crazy situations over her pet leopard....which lives in her Manhattan!

It's silly, fun and giddy and romantic. All the key ingredients to become a family fave or just a great movie to snuggle up and watch with your significant other.

Fun Facts

Carey Grant improvised the line "Because I just went gay all of a sudden!". It's considered the first use of this term in the modern context in film. Censors thought the line referred to "going gaga" which is how it made it into the movie. Grant lived with Randolph Scott for twelve years from 1932 to 1944; the two actors were reported to have married in a secret ceremony in Mexico.

Katherine Hepburn was fearless around the leopard on set. Carey Grant did not like being around the leopard at all. As a joke Katherine Hepburn put a stuffed leopard in the air vent of his dressing room. He thought it was the real thing and ran out!

Christopher Reeves based his Clark Kent on Carey Grants character from this film.

Katharine Hepburn served high tea every day at four.

Carey Grant and Katherine Hepburn became very good friends on the set and would frequently socialize outside of work with Katherine's significant other at the time Howard Hughes.

Voted the 14th funniest comedy of all time on the AFI 100 Funniest Comedies List. This is also the highest rated movie of Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn's comedies as a team and individually on the list.

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