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(n.) 1. A break from one's motherly duties 2. Extended periods of time that one's children spend with their father, usually as a result of a custody agreement. Used to denote only a respite from day to day parental activities not normal duties (i.e. work, household, etc.)
The kids are spending two weeks this summer with their father - what should I do with my momcation?

Before Baby my husband and I had a serious conversation in which we agreed that most likely I would end up doing the bulk of the baby work. Which I'm fine with.

In order to maintain my sanity we both thought it would be a good idea at least once or twice a year I take a little vacation solo.

No children, no husbands. Just me and friends (if I wanted).

Lately I have been fantasizing about the hotel 7 minutes away from us with a pool, spa and restaurant. I think about how nice it wold be to check in there for 24 hours. Take a bubble bath, order room service and just sleep!

If that's not a sign I need a Momcation I don't know what is!

Luckily one of my college girlfriends is taking an overnight trip with some other mothers and I was invited to join.

I'll be gone a total of 36 hours but right now that seems like an eternity.

The things I am most excited for are:

  1. Talking to other Moms! You would be surprised how isolated from other mothers you are being a SAHM. If I was in an office I would be surrounded by other Moms but home all day with a baby you don't get to meet too many.
  2. SLEEP! The idea of going to sleep and not waking up once until morning feels foreign to me.
  3. 2.5 hour train ride there. 4 hour bus ride back. What will I do with all that time to myself!

I have some pangs of guilt and worry over leaving our Little Guy. We haven't been separated for more than a few hours since the day he was born. 

I keep reminding myself that he will be with his Dad and Grandma. Aunts are stationed nearby in case extra help is needed, LOL.

Momin' Ain't Easy it's true. But if we're not ashamed to give ourselves a break from Motherhood every once and a while it makes Mom Life whole lot more manageable.

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Greta Gerwig

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