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Supper Time

Supper Time

I've been watching movies this week with some great family dinner scenes

Meet the Parents
The 100 Ft Journey
Beteljuice (Hilarious Dinner Party Scene)
The Birdcage

And my favorite for all things food related......Julie & Julia (Bon Appetit !)

It got me thinking about our new dinner routine.

Before baby, my husband and I would sit down almost every night and have dinner. Talking about where we might want to travel next, what to do that weekend, discussing news topics, etc.

After baby, about twice a week we would put our cutie in his stroller. Our new family would walk around our beloved neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. Circling the block a few times. When little guy was asleep again we would pull into one of the local restaurants in the area and revisit our old dinner ritual.

Our perfect angel would sleep happily for the next hour or two and we would return home feeling a little bit of "normalcy".

When we moved to the suburbs this changed. One night we went out for sushi and did our tried & true method. We walked around the block a few times, Hunny bunny fell asleep and we pulled into the restaurant.

The next hour and a half was a blur of a crying baby, switching off holding him, trying to eat as fast as possible so we could leave because the dirty looks from other patrons were too shaming.

We switched to eating dinner every night with my parents. Loving the idea of being in a home that was familiar so we could put our son in his travel crib and eat with everyone.

Our little guy wasn't having it! He was not happy unless he was sitting at the table with us. 

We all gladly took turns switching off holding him while others ate. It was fun and interactive. We all liked the fact that he was incorporated into this ritual.

But 1-2 people always got a cold supper. Our son primarily wanted to be near my husband and me so there was allot of musical chairs happening throughout dinner.

We weren't sure if there would be a solution until one weekend it was decided that it was assemble the high chair!

The best man from our wedding had gotten us the most lovely gift off of our registry. The Tripp Trapp Chair by Stokke.

We selected this chair because it grows with your child starting as soon as they can hold their head up. Then converts into a regular chair to continue using through their toddler years and beyond (if you want).

Our favorite feature of the chair is that you can use it with or without the tray table. Bunny Bear can slide up to the table and really be apart of mealtime.

We assembled the chair, put little guy in it, gave him a few toys and pulled him up to the table.

HUZZAH! He loved it! We all sat down and ate together talking laughing, joking and best part is that our little man is officially included in dinner time with his own seat. He can look around and see everyone and we can all talk to him and observe his activity.

One night he even leaned over and gave my upper arm a hug. My heart melted.

Our Bunny Bear starts baby food soon. I can't wait to see how that goes! I'm wondering if it will be as messy as it always is in the movies. 

What about you, what has your dinner ritual been like since baby? Any classic dinner scenes from movies that resemble your current supper time rituals? Or any standard classic faves?

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