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Up All Night.....Literally

Up All Night.....Literally

When our son was 1 month old we found out that he had re-flux. 

And our life changed rapidly in dramatic ways.

Our first night home was the typical sleep deprived figuring it all out scenario. In the hospital our son had slept soundly through each night. Now back in our apartment he did not want to go down.

At 3:30 AM I woke up to a silent apartment and an empty bedroom. I got up to check out the living room and see if the 2 men in my life needed help. Miraculously there was my husband passed out on the couch and our lovely son sleeping soundly in his swing.

That began our new nightly ritual of switching off in "shifts" one of us sleeping on the couch while our adorbs newborn slept peacefully in his swing.

All was going well with our routine until one month in when everything slowly began shifting.

First our Hunny Bunny wouldn’t let me put him in his crib to sleep during the day. Every time I tried he woke up crying as soon as his head touched the mattress. 

Dirty diaper? Clean.
Was he hungry? Nope.
Fever? Temperature was perfectly fine!

That Friday afternoon I noticed that our son started spitting up more than usual. It happened a few times but he wasn’t crying so we didn’t think anything of it.

Then the next day along with the spitting up he started to become inconsolable. No one could put him down for any reason. The rapid fire warning signs started popping up. His milk intake from Saturday to Sunday went from 4 oz at a time to 2 oz to 1 oz to barely ½ an oz. 

Sunday afternoon we called the pediatricians emergency line and the on call Dr. suggested it might be re-flux, said not to worry he would be OK overnight but to come into the next day.

We had never heard of babies having acid re-flux before. It made sense given all of his symptoms. We saw the Dr. she prescribed Baby Zantac (put the word baby in front of anything even Zantac and it seems adorable).

Since then he is much improved. The hardest part are still the nights. He doesn’t sleep for more than 1-2 hours in a stretch. I try to do the bulk of the shifts since my husband goes to work.

Help from the grandparents, moral support from friends, mom groups all keep my outlook up. 

What really keeps me going at 3 AM when I feel like I might fall over is…..a really good laugh!

I have loaded my Netflix list with every funny movie & TV show I can find. I go on Crackle and watch “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, stand up specials, faves from my teen years (aka Clueless & Troop Beverly Hills) whatever I can find that makes me smile.

Zoning into a laughable escape is the best way to make it until 6:30 AM when my Mom is able to hop in sometimes and relieve me for a few hours.

I recently came across the 2 season series "Up All Night" with Christina Applegate, Will Arnett & Maya Rudolph. Both my husband and I were sucked into this series available to watch on the NBC app.  

It totally spoke to us. A career couple gets unexpectedly and happily pregnant. Their take on modern parenthood and family life is hilarious and so truthful. 

We find ourselves quoting the show all the time especially when we are tired, stressed and need a good laugh.

What about you? Anyone else out there having a hard time with their little one sleeping? What's your killer combo to make it though the night? What are your fav binge watching movie & TV recommendations?

Supper Time

Supper Time