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Having A Fun and Rewarding Holiday Season

Having A Fun and Rewarding Holiday Season

Being charitable is at the heart of the holiday spirit. A great way think about doing something for others during the season is something for you and something for others.

Everyone knows that they will be getting something new come Christmas Day. Go through your house and gather up toys, clothing, kitchen items anything you don't use anymore and bring it to your local donation center

Make room for all those holiday groceries you will be buying by going through your kitchen cabinets and cleaning out any jarred or canned items you won't be using immediately. All these can be donated to feed others for Christmas Day.

Have a Christmas cookie baking/decorating party for your children's friends and their parents. Arrange with a local nursing home to have everyone go over and sing Christmas Carols and hand out cookies to the residents. My Brownie Troop did this one year the kids and adults all had a great day together.

Make Candy Cane Reindeer and pass them out to neighbors, co-workers, or hang them on your tree.

Decorate the tree keep tree decorations simple. Just lights and a few ornaments can still make a beautiful tree. My favorite thing to do as a kid was sneak downstairs at night at look at the tree lights. A tradition I want to start when Little Guy is old enough is a family slumber party around the tree. Bring some sleeping bags down and read Christmas stories or this great book about traditions around the world.

Go to a Christmas show. My favorite is The Nutcracker. Growing up I used to see it at our local theater every year.

Brew up some hot chocolate and go on a holiday lights tour. I've always wanted to drive around this Brooklyn Neighborhood to see the decorations.

Make a video of each family member singing their favorite Christmas song to text or email to friends and family for a nice surprise.



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