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Making The Holiday Smell Delicious

Making The Holiday Smell Delicious

I love all things Christmas. The lights, holiday cheer, giving gifts, celebrating love, goodwill and all we have to be thankful for.

I don't decorate because living in a one bedroom apartment in Queens it's easy to go overboard FAST!  For example one year I tried to recreate this Anthropologie window on our living room windows.....Yikes.

I've found a great way to keep the festive Christmas feeling at home without taking away from space is by indulging in delicious holiday themed scents.

My last trip to the grocery store I came across Stonewall Kitchen White Pine hand soap. I love that it is fragrant without being overpowering. After I wash my hands I can still smell the scent reminiscent of a Christmas Tree. Maine Woods hand lotion is a great compliment. Not greasy with a savory fir and lemon scent.

Most grocery stores sell mini Rosemary Christmas Trees. They are small enough to put on the kitchen counter or as a table centerpiece. Rosemary has a sweet soft fragrance that makes you feel cozy. Added bonus you can snip off a few stems when you are cooking to give your dinner a boost!

If you don't have enough room on your counter this Herb Wreath is a great alternative.

The Chrismukkah Candle by Apothia is hands down my favorite. I burn it all through the winter. A mixture of clove and ocean air is so bright and happy. I like to light this when we have people over.

My husband and I happened on The Green Point Trading Co. Mulling Spices while in Williamsburg. They smelled so scrumptious we purchased jars as gifts for everyone in our family. Warm some apple cider with the spices. Maybe add a splash of rum and snuggle down for a snowy evening. 

Perfume is the best way to carry the holiday with you all day long. For YEARS I have wanted this Tom Ford scent that reminds me of sitting around a fireplace. It's a bit pricey so until I find the perfect splurge moment I am wearing YSL Black Opium. It's intoxicating with the mixture of coffee, cedar and orange blossom. Bonus it comes in purse size so you can reapply throughout the day!

And what is Christmas without COOKIES! Nothing makes a home smell like the holidays like Christmas cookies baking in the oven.

Top it all off with Peppermint Coffee for a very happy night.

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