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Holiday Exchanges

Holiday Exchanges

When the holidays are over they are never exactly over because you are usually faced with the fun task of.....EXCHANGING GIFTS!

There's always 1 maybe 2 items you don't need or want (eek!)

This year for example we got some clothing for Hunny Bunny that he already has.

If you have a gift receipt exchanging is pretty easy peasy. If you don't be prepared for some obstacles.

If the gift doesn't come in a box or with a tag stating where the gift was purchased you can always discreetly ask. A simple "thank you for the gift it was so thoughtful of you. Where did you find it?" is polite, appreciative and doesn't make thing uncomfortable.

Try to visit the retailer as soon as possible. Stores are dealing with tons of returns right after the holidays so they are more likely to simplify the process than if you come in a month later.

Be prepared to compromise. Some stores will give you store credit or a gift card. Without a receipt the clerk may only be able to give you value for the current sale price of the item.

Some retailers will only allow a direct exchange without receipt. A good idea is to take a look online before heading out to see what the cost of your gift is and what you could potentially exchange it for.

Always get a receipt for the exchanged item and ask if it's final sale. If not you may be able to exchange it later for a store credit or an item you really need.

If all else fails there are always the classic standby's or re-gifting or donating so someone who couldn't afford gifts for their families this holiday can receive what they need from you.

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