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How We Are Spending Christmas Weekend

How We Are Spending Christmas Weekend

Since I. Was a baby we have had the same Christmas tradition.

Our immediate family piles into a car and drive up to New England.

We arrive at my Aunts house and proceed to spend the next 4 days joined at the hip with all our
Aunts uncles cousins extended familydoing everything together. Cooking, eating, shopping, taking walks, playing games, even just sitting around the kitchen table talking for hours.

We are staying local this year so the Hunny Bunny can spend his first Christmas with both sets of Grandparents.

I was hoping to share some of our typical activities with my husbands side of the family. But after Post-Christmas shopping take-out food poisoning which wiped my husband and I out for the last 3 days I am only partaking in 1 tradition.

You guessed it!  Watching movies under a blanket on the couch snuggled down with loved ones.

There are the Classics I my father and I always love to see around Christmas time together

It's A Wonderful Life

The Sound Of Music

The Non-Christmas Classic my Mom loves


The movies shown on cable that play on repeat my Sisters and Cousins love


A Christmas Story

The only Christmas movies I can get my husband to watch

Die Hard

Trading Places

My favorites

The Holiday

The Family Stone

Meet Me In St. Louis

Love Actually (I love the opening)

I thought I had seen every holiday movie out there. But recently I've realized there are a few that slipped past me.

While we are still recovering over the holiday I'm going to squeeze one or two of these in our viewing pile.

This Christmas

Surviving Christmas

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (nope never seen it)

The Fitzgerald Family Christmas (love Ed Burns!)

The Polar Express (I've heard it's amazing)


                                  HAVE A LOVELY HOLIDAY EVERYONE!

                                  HAVE A LOVELY HOLIDAY EVERYONE!

Holiday Exchanges

Holiday Exchanges

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