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Winter Wardrobe

Winter Wardrobe

Last Sunday we left our house to go see Santa and to our surprise it was SNOWING! Which means that winter is officially here.

Since 99% of my wardrobe is office attire the change in weather meant I needed to get some new items appropriate for chasing our Crusing Baby around the house.

Even though I'm home all day I still want to feel semi-cool in my sweats.

Then I remembered one of my new favorite lines of clothing. Lou & Grey started a few years ago on the Loft website. They have their own website now and their own stores.

They have the perfect selection of items for casual urban chic to get me through the cold season.

Short & Long Sleeve Tees For Layering

Cozy Sweaters For In The House & Around The Town

Button Down Blouses Great To Pair With.....

Cozy Cool Pants

Casual Dresses Over Leggings For Days When You Want To Kick It Up A Notch

Top It Off With Mix & Match Earrings

These aren't Lou & Grey but I saw a Mom looking IMPOSSIBLY cool in our Mother Goose reading group and had to add Black Slip On High Tops to my list.

Stay Warm Everyone!

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