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Baby Friendly Christmas Tree

Baby Friendly Christmas Tree

One of my fondest Christmas time traditions is decorating the tree. Every year we would get out all the ornaments, make hot chocolate, put of Christmas music and spend the night having fun.

Now that we have our Little Guy I'm so excited to start this tradition all over again.

We decided to set up the tree at my parents house since this is where I spend my days with our Hunny Bunny. But after getting out all of our beloved ornaments I realized that I was going to spend more time worrying about the glass and ceramics shattering on the floor than enjoying looking at the tree.

With a baby crawling all over the place this suddenly seemed like a recipe for disaster.

So after some brainstorming and internet research my mother and I came up with a baby friendly plan for the tree.

West Elm recently opened in our neighborhood so this was my first stop.

They had a great assortment of felt ornaments in subtle tones

I got this adorable Bunny for our Hunny Bunny and this Mistletoe perfect for stealing kisses from my husband. 

We splurged on the tree topper getting one that lights up. But these beautiful Starburst Tree Toppers were our first choice.

The next stop was Target for lights and more decorations

I love the look of Dewdrop Lights and Target had LED ones so we can conserve energy simultaneously.

We ended up skipping their great assortment of Shatterproof Ornaments but made a mental note for next year.

IMG_9622 (1).JPG

The idea of hanging family stockings was too irresistible.

A few more adorable ornaments.

Presto A Tree Our Little One Can Crawl Around and Under Without Worry!

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