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Baby Products I Can't Live Without

Baby Products I Can't Live Without

"It's my industrial strength hairdryer and I can't live without it". This is my favorite line from Spaceballs (the movie). 

I quote it to my husband whenever he tries to reduce the size of my suitcase before a trip. 

It got me thinking about what baby items we can't live without. 

Before baby there were lots of items on our registry we thought we had to have. We were surprised by which ones turned out to be not so useful and which are our ride or die items.

Ergobaby Nursing Pillow has saved me in so many ways. It's designed so your little one can for snuggly and safely to nurse while allowing your hands to be totally free!

I love that I can eat, drink, change the tv station, hold the phone to my ear. Even read a book! All while I'm sitting nursing our son.

I also love that it's designed for tummy to tummy contact. Same as if you were holding your little one while nursing.

We thought our son wouldn't use his baby swing until he was at least a month old and left it in the box disassembled. Our first night home my husband put it together in the middle of the night. It turned out to be the only place our Little Guy would sleep. What makes the Nuna Leaf perfect for us? It sways gently back and forth silently without a motor you just give it a gentle push. It even looks like a leaf being blown by a gentle breeze on a tree when it swings. 

The next day we ordered the Nuna Wind. It pushes the swing for you at different strengths varying the speeds so your little one gets rocked peacefully and silently to sleep.

When our little guy gets too fussy we break out the big guns....the Bubble Blower. Kids are so entranced by bubbles it's amazing to see how they react to these pretty floating soap bubbles. 

Before moving to the suburbs if I traveled in a car it was a taxi or an Uber. Either way I was seated next to my son able to see and play with him the whole ride.

Now I'm in the front and he's in the back.

With this mirror I can keep an eye on the Little Guy.

Plus bonus it plays soothing tunes. You just press a button on the remote and presto! no more crying baby! Magic!!!

Before baby I planned to use another brand of diapers because of their promotion of their all natural contents and variety of fun designs.

We used them once and they leaked all over me. Twice leaked all over my husband. Yuck!

The nurses sent us home with Pampers Swaddlers which we have used ever since. The yellow line on the front turns blue when the diaper is wet. They's completely made of breathable cotton so Bunny Bear has never had diaper rash or nasty skin marks from pinchy plastic.

All I know if our little man is always comfy and we've never had any accidental "spills" in the 8 months of using them. 

What are your can't live without baby products? Any you were surprised by? Which ones could you not live without? 

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