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Keep Calm And Pantsuit On

Keep Calm And Pantsuit On

Have you heard of Pantsuit Nation?
It started as a Facebook group now with over 3 Million members.
Hillary Clinton also gave them a big shout out in her concession speech today.

This morning every post on Facebook was the same.

I am an African American woman, I'm a Muslim woman, I'm a Gay woman, I'm a Woman and I'm scared for my future in this country. The one thing we all have in common is that we are all Women.

Today we should not be sad we should not be scared. We should be proud. Women have just come further than ever before in history. And we're not done yet!

Yes there are 4 years until we might realize a shared celebration of a Woman in the White House. In that time we still have our voices and our votes. 

Today we should feel powerful.

Women are so strong. We run companies, political campaigns, manage our lives and our families.

That's not physical strength that's mental strength.

As Women we are resilient and brilliant.

Already Women on Pantsuit Nation are posting about organizing the female voice to stand strong together.

Keep exercising your voice. Keep exercising your vote. Stay in the forefront! Don't let them ignore you. No matter what your viewpoints.

We are stronger than they know.

If you need something extra to boost your spirits today check out these great flash mob videos inspired by the Pantsuit Nation Movement.

Stay Strong And Carry On OUTLOUD!

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