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What To Watch This Weekend: Captain Fantastic

What To Watch This Weekend: Captain Fantastic

The world today is a crazy place. There's so much sensory overload, so much we think we need, so much violence. It feels like there is no where left to hide from it all.

We can't even rely on our schools to provide education, guidance and a safe haven to our children.

So here's the question. How do you shelter, protect the innocence, nurture, and educate your children. Keep them from getting exposed to things beyond their grasp before they have the knowledge and understanding to comprehend it.

For Ben & Leslie Cash the answer is to live "off the grid".

Have you heard of off the grid living? It means that a family lives in a self sufficient home. Water is collected from the rain, food is either grown or hunted and electricity is solar or wind powered.

The Cash's have brought this to a whole new level.

They have completely separated themselves from the rest of the world. No phones or any form of communication. The children are non-accredited home schooled by their parents. And receiving a top notch education!

Their children have been completely removed from society. Ben and Leslie are scientifically honest with them about the outside world.

The tribe is super intellectual and humanitarian. But what good is intellect without the application? What good is speaking 6 languages and having a knowledge of quantum physics if you can't put it to use to make decisions for yourself.

Before our Hunny Bunny was born my husband and I spoke at length about how we wanted to raise him.

What type of education we want for him, what experiences, what type of person we hope to mold.

I know there will be things out of our control like when he goes to school and sees or hears things we don't want him to.

Or the Internet! Making sure he knows how to use it wisely.

I would love to shield him from all the bad out there. If I did he would miss all the good.
Like seeing classical music played live. Or a beautiful Van Gough painting in person. Even watching a soccer match with his Dad.

At the end of Captain Fantastic you realize there is no "right" way to raise your children. You just give them the best that you can. Do for them the best that you can. Love them the best that you can. Then marvel at the people they become. And enjoy the love they return to you.

Viggo Mortensen discusses Captain Fantastic and his acting career with Alec Baldwin on my favorite Podcast .

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