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Safety (PIN) Dance

Safety (PIN) Dance

Here's the thing about New York City.

As loud verbose and opinionated as New Yorkers are the last thing they want to do is draw attention to themselves.

Why? Because you never know when someone might verbally confront you in public out of no where.

This can be from something as simple as a stranger overhearing your conversation on the subway or in a bar. To someone commenting on you t-shirt while you walk down the street.

Even though people are gathering to protest in NYC (and around the world). The average New Yorker is keeping verbally silent when out in public on their own.

People still want to express themselves but can't do it in a direct manner. They need to find a way to put their voices out there without literally speaking.

Safety Pins (adopted from the Brexit) and post-it notes have started popping up all over the city as a silent message to let those who currently feel discriminated again know you are a "safe" person.

Post It Notes to express your concern, and love for others.

I had some time while my son took an amazing nap and used it to read up about safety pin movement.

Made a purple safety pin for me (my favorite color). I plan to pin this on each day as a reminder to myself and others that we are all human and all count.

If you want to help someone who is being accosted for their race, religion, sex, and so on. Take a look at this article on a safe way to step in and stop harassment.

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