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Men Of Honor

Men Of Honor

Today is Veterans Day.

Our son is named after my grandfather. A loving, honest, generous man and a WWII veteran.

He was a deep sea diver in the Navy. His job was to dive down to sunken ships cut open a hole in the side and extract any items that might provide information to help win the war effort.

He never spoke about his time in the Navy until I was older. For a very long time he just couldn't remember anything.

When his memory came flooding back one day the stories were exactly as we expected from him. Each memory taught us something about that time in history and gave us something to reflect on when moving into the future.

He and my grandmother only went to the movies about 3 times in my lifetime. When they went to see Men Of Honor our family wanted to know what he thought of it? How true was it to his own experience.

Men of Honor takes place in 1966. Approximately 20 years after my grandfather was in the Navy.

Still he said it was absolutely true. African Americans in the Navy "were not treated well at all". His point that no matter a persons skin color or religion, a person with the courage to defend the lives of friends, family and those they have never met deserves equal respect and treatment.

I don't personally know what it's like to serve in the military. But I'm grateful to my grandfather for his service and to the men and women I'll never meet who serve today.

I wish my grandfather was around today to share his stories and impart his life lessons to our son.

If you have a loved one who is currently serving or who is a vet don't forget to thank them today for their service!

(the three movies my grandfather went to the theater to see)

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