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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

How did your Halloween go?

As per usual we ate more candy than we gave out!

One question we got over and over again when answering the door with our Little Bear was "are you going to hide the candy when he gets old enough?"

My husband and I are healthy

For most of our lives we were not very nutritious.

We still go overboard sometimes with dessert. For the most part we keep it as flavorful, healthy and well balanced as possible.

Now that Bunny Bear is on solids we want him to love and enjoy all the foods we have grown to love. We also want him to have a well rounded pallet.

While I was pregnant we read Bringing Up Bebe. French food is our favorite! So we have been following the guidelines laid out in the book.

Luckily our pediatrician was on board with the routine.

We did get some cynics who thought it wouldn't work starting with orange vegetables instead of rice or oatmeal.

But guess what! Our son loves vegetables!!!

Watching him try and explore new tastes and textures is exciting.

Even more fun since we are making the food ourselves. We can each have a spoonful or 2 when feeding him. It keeps him intrigued to try new things and wanting to experiment with what we are eating.

Lately I have taken it one step further.

Once a week I bring him to the grocery store. He sits in the cart and we slowly make our way through the colorful produce section.

I let him touch and hold different fruits and veggies.

My hope is that as he gets older he appreciates food as a full experience.

How are solids going for your little one? Did you have a plan before starting? Have you read Bringing Up Bebe?

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