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Throwback Thursday: Rocky

Throwback Thursday: Rocky

The rocky theme song has become a standard in our house. Whenever our little man sits up, rolls over, assisted stands up, moves around in his walker we chant the theme. 

He's started to recognize it and loves when we sing it. He smiles and bounces around. Anyone home within an ear shot comes into the room to sing along. We have a nice family moment together. 

Since I hadn't seen any of the Rocky movies (all I know of Rocky is from the episode of Designing Women, "I'll See You In Court"). I thought it was time I check it out. 

Rocky is an great film!

The movie has an admirable life lesson. When life hands you your shot take it. 

Rocky has been waiting 10 years for his chance to be a professional boxer. It comes to him simply because of a nickname. He thought his opportunity had passed him by. He has anger, regret, mixed feelings about people around him who stood by and said and did nothing.
In the end he's the only one who stopped himself from succeeding all those years. He doesn't hold onto the grudges, anger or resentment. He lets love in.

As a result everyone around him who has been living stuck in their box finds ways to take a step outside of personal constraints and become the person they wanted to be. 

It doesn't mean Rocky is some optimistic, archetype character with limitless confidence in himself. All he wants is to go the distance. In going from nothing to fighting the world champion this is already a HUGE goal. 

He has no regrets and wins big in the end. Just in a different way than expected. 
It's a life lesson I want to pass onto my son.

Fun Facts

AFI ranks Rocky at #4 of the 100 most inspiring movies of all time

Frank Capra (It's A Wonderful Life, It Happened One Night, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington) was quoted as saying, "I think it's the best picture in the last ten years. It's got my vote for the Oscars all the way down the line."

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