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Do Your Parents Parent Your Parenting

Do Your Parents Parent Your Parenting

"Why'd he given them cake?

Because he does what he wants and she lets him"

Do you notice differences between your parenting styles and your parents? Do they make their opinions about your parenting very well known?

We knew going in there would be a BIG learning curve for the grandparents between the parents they were in thw '80's and modern parenting today.

For example neither set of grandparents had ever heard of tummy time. I'm still explaining why we do it. 

We insisted that anyone who would be babysitting get infant CPR training. They didn't have these classes available at the local Y when we were born. 

Baby sign language they are still on the fence about. 

BUT they agree all these choices are good for our son and they go along with them. 
Know what they cut in about. The most frustrating things ever! Which diaper rash creme to use (we like Butt Paste they insist it should be Desitin all the way)

We give our son milk in a bottle straight out of the fridge. They are appalled that the formula isn't heated. (We've even caught them putting the bottle in the microwave a few times)

The one ride or die issue we cannot agree on is the most ridiculous of all.

SOCKS! Yep socks. We keep our son warm and appropriately dressed. Checking the thermometer in the house and the temperature outdoors everyday. But yet from the day we arrived home with our son without fail every time a grandparent holds him they insist he is in need of socks.....if he's wearing socks than a blanket. 

We've checked with our pediatrician and she says that we are doing right by our son and nothing wrong. He will not get sick or some unnameable disease from the way we dress him. 

We realized it wasn't us and most likely in their heads when 3 of the grandparents insisted on socks & a blanket at a 92 degree outdoor BBQ. So we put down our feet and insisted that these requests needed to cease. 

Yet at dinner last night my father kept subtly expressing that our sons feet felt cold and wanted us to feel them....and fetch a blanket. 

My husband and I now have telepathic conversations when these request arise over who will feel the babies feet this time. 

It may never end but it makes watching movies about doting grandparents that much funnier and closer to our hearts. 

I recently saw "Parental Guidance" with Billy Crystal and Bette Middler about old vs new ways of parenting.

It made me think of some other potentials for a multi-generational movie night. 

Parenthood (A must watch in my book)
Whale Rider
Titanic (remember how amazing your grandparents stories were)
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (the original with Gene Wilder)
The Princess Bride
The Royal Tenenbaums
The Princess Diaries

What about you? Do your parents give lots of parenting advice? Do you have a fave movie that reminds you of your grandparents or your parents interactions with your children?



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