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Kramer vs Kramer - How Did Your Partner React To Becoming A Father?

Kramer vs Kramer - How Did Your Partner React To Becoming A Father?

My husband does as much as he can. Feedings, diapers changes, bath time, cooking dinner for mommy. He always offers to get up at night, but I rarely wake him. 

When our son was born my husband did something completely unexpected. He had an emotional moment. It happened the first time he saw his son. I was lucky enough to witness this and fell even more deeply in love with him because of it.

Later he confessed that he was embarrassed because it was not something appropriate for a "man to do".

I was upset that he felt the need to put himself into a box because of societal restrictions and deny himself from enjoying the happiness he felt in becoming a father to a beautiful boy.

above the two loves of my life

above the two loves of my life

While I was pregnant I watched Kramer vs Kramer. After this conversation with my husband I took another look at the movie.

Have you seen it?

Kramer vs Kramer stars Dustin Hoffman as Ted and Meryl Streep as Joanna. A modern urban couple happy on the surface. Ted works in a corporate world and is, on paper, succeeding in every aspect in his life.

Until one day when his wife leaves him and their son. She is unhappy being a housewife and doesn't know what else to do.

Ted's world is rocked and he has to make some very difficult decisions about what kind of father, friend, employee and person he is going to be.

In the end he realizes that who he was attempting to be is not who he really is. He trying to be the type of man he was told he had to be.

It's such a beautiful story. I love how the father and son build a strong bond. Much stronger than they could have had under any other circumstances.

The lack of judgement and resentment that Ted has for Joanna at the end of it all is also lovely. He realizes he's the same as her and no one is to blame for their marriage not working out.

I plan to re-watch this movie with my husband some night when we both have enough energy.

I want him to know there are no rules in being a proud parent or loving your child. No matter what your gender.

One of my favorite parenting quotes is also from this movie "It's about pretending to listen when you are too tired to listen anymore" I mentally bookmarked that for future.

Check out this clip of Cobie Smulders, Judd Apatow & Mark Duplass talking about becoming parents for the first time. The men all crack jokes until Cobie calls them out and then their defenses come down. The true story of their reactions is so much better than the wisecracks.

Anyone else out there have a great story about their significant others reaction to your delivery? Have you seen the movie? What do you think of it?

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