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1/2 Birthday Party

1/2 Birthday Party

Have you heard about the newest birthday trend?

It's a 1/2 Birthday!

I didn't realize this existed until I saw this cute onesie for a 6 month old.

Allot of my family and friends haven't seen our little guy since he was born.

The drive from New Jersey to Queens can take over an hour and some of our friends have little ones of their own.

We decided what better way to catch up with everyone, show off our son and welcome our Hunny Bunny to the "Burbs" than throw him a 1/2 birthday.

Since a 1/2 Birthday is more a novelty for the parents we wanted to be as cost effective as possible.

To keep the festive theme we sent out invitations using Evite.

They're the only 100% free online invitation service I have been able to find and are always reliable.

We kept decorations simple by purchasing 1/2 Birthday Flags for his whoopee pie dessert.

A friend brought a Cherry pie for dessert. It was gone before the whoopee pies were! I'm thinking about making pie my new desert routine for parties. It's a perfect way to round out a meal or a party.

My Husband & Son

My Husband & Son

I made a highchair bunting banner. We ended up hanging it on the wall so people could take photos holding the birthday boy. (Above is my husband with our son)

It was so easy I followed this video. Used the below products:

Glitter Glue
Blue Bunting Flags
Blue Tassel Garland
Gold Tassel Garland

Followed these instructions.

We had a mix of eaters at the party so decided to go with a Mexican fajita meal and salsa bar. It was so easy to put together! All the food was order from Fresh Direct. It was delivered to our door the day before the party. I marinated the steak and chicken in Ziploc freezer bags. 

Then at the party all we had to do was open the packages. My husband grilled the meat outside. I put the pre-sliced fajita veggies in a frying pan.

Voila! A fajita feast! Guacamole, chips, tortillas, salsa bar, black beans, chicken and steak.

I bought little chalkboard stickers and shish kabob sticks to mark all the food as vegetarian or vegan so there wouldn't be any mix-ups.

Finally the best party of any party. The 1/2 birthday boys outfit!

Since our little guy is only 6 months old and prone to spitting up I had 2 outfits ready to go. 

For the start of the party we put him in this onesie and crown that I purchased off of Etsy.

When it was time to change we put him into an outfit I had made from a Gerber onesie purchased online.

I had gone to a t-shirt shop where they ironed on the phrase "Half Year Loved" We still dress him up in this onesie once a week because it's true!

All in all an easy effortless party that we got to enjoy as well!

I was so happy that the party went off without a hitch.

It made me think of some of these movies with disastrous birthday parties

New Moon (Can't Get Much Worse Than This)
16 Candles
Knocked Up
This Is 40
Parenthood (This movie is great for all things parenting)
The Birds (Eek)
Bridget Jones Diary (For the birthday of the person we like "Just the way they are")
Alice In Wonderland (Of Course!)

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