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My Diary For Baby

My Diary For Baby

Planning a trip out for my first movie in 7 months got me thinking. Time with my son is going by so quickly. I feel like I'm going to blink and we'll be at his high school graduation.

So a la Bridget Jones I've decided to keep a diary of my own.

I purchased this journal.

Each page has the date of the week with a space to write in the year.

It allots 5 lines per day so it's perfect for jotting down a quick memory such as: "today you sat up by yourself with no assistance" or "you had your first solids today. Lots of confusion over what this orange stuff was".

It's a great easy way to capture the moment. I also think it will be fun to look back on with our son when he's older and remember those small events we may have forgotten.

I like to sit down with a cup of my fave Harney & Sons tea when our bunny is taking a nap.
My husband and I came across this tea in our local store a few years ago. It is delicious!

We love their Paris Tea and the Chocolate & Mint flavors.

I recently tried the Hot Cinnamon Sunset it's perfect on a rainy morning with some milk. Warm and comforting. They even have seasonal flavors. For Valentine's Day my husband got me Chocolate with Rose Petals.

Do you have a daily ritual? How are you recording special moments in your child's life? Or are you living purely in the moment?

Also were you a fan of the Bridget Jones Diary series? Do you plan to see the new movie Bridget Jones Baby? I'm secretly excited for it!

Bad Moms

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