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Moms' Night Out: Put On Your Oxygen Mask

Moms' Night Out: Put On Your Oxygen Mask

Oxygen Mask!

Since baby arrived this has become a term used in our household. When we are stressed, overtired, frustrated. My husband says it to me more than I to him. It means take a moment to take care of yourself so you will be able to help others (i.e. our little guy)

I was so surprised to hear it quoted in Moms' Night Out.

And why not. It's so true as Mom's we get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else we frequently forget to take care of ourselves. Like they say on airplanes if you don't help yourself you won't be able to help others. 

Another true fact. Every Mom deserves a night out.

Before baby I would go out with my girlfriends a few times a month for dinner, drinks, dancing or just brunch.

Since baby I have not had a girls night out. My friends and I have discussed it but with jobs, kids, husbands and now distance it hasn't worked out yet.

As my son gets older and I can begin to focus on myself I have been craving a night out with friends.

Moms' Night Out is so much better than your typical crazy night out movie.

Allyson is an overworked stay at home Mom launching her "Mommy Blog". Her husband travels constantly for work. All she wants is a few hours to be Allyson and not Mommy.

What I loved most about this movie is that the women don't hit up a bar or a club and have things devolve into shots in order to relive some bygone time in their lives.

This is so accurate to real life. Since becoming a Mom a bar or club is the last place I would want to go. I would prefer to go to get dressed up and go to a restaurant like the characters in the film.

There are hyjinks, mix ups and hilarious scenarios. Only in this move more realistic and truer to home.

Because in being a Mom there are no nights off. No instance when your job stops. But you still need to make time for yourself, to be heard. And step back so you can realize you've got the best job on earth.



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