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Baby Boom - Applesauce & Adventure

Baby Boom - Applesauce & Adventure

And I thought our baby was a surprise.

Our son came 3 weeks early and were were only semi prepared for him. I remember being in the hospital the day I delivered calling the baby store to order his swing, wash cloths, crib sheets, diapers along with several other items we hadn't purchased yet to please be shipped overnight.

That's nothing compared to how unprepared Diane Keaton's character is in Baby Boom.
The best part of this movie are the food scenes.

As we are approaching our sons transition to baby food I have been thinking about what route we would want to take. 

After consideration I decided that since I am home we will go all the way and purchased the Beaba Babycook Pro 2X.

Secretly I have wanted this product since I first saw in in Williams Sonoma several years ago. Way before my husband and I were married.

I love to cook so I really loved the idea of making my own baby food for our child, when the day came.

I knew all about bottles and formula before having our son but I didn't know anything about the transition to solids.

I always thought his first meal would be purred peas. I was amazed to learn that you start with orange vegetables THEN move to green ones.

With some further research I found out that butternut squash is a baby favorite.

Now with all the delicious fall vegetables coming out apples, pumpkins, sweet potatoes I'm so excited to start.

Time is of the essence to me (as it is to all moms) since my little one doesn't nap much and sleeps in small stints. So I decided that I would have the veggies delivered from Fresh Direct.

I can get all those aforementioned veggies delivered, fresh, washed, peeled & cut up. This way I only have to pop them into the steamer and then blend. Making it much easier to know what is going into my butternut squashes belly!

My goal is to have delivery once a week and prepare his food to freeze and defrost as needed.

Beaba sells Multiportion Freezer Storage Trays so you can store individual servings. Then pop them out like ice cubes to reheat in the Beaba Babycook.

I also plan to keep some canned baby food in the house as a back up for the unexpected crazy weeks when there may not be time to make my own baby food.\

So much different from Baby Boom character JC Wyatt who ends up making mountains of homemade applesauce for her daughter that leads to an empire.

I love how in the movie she starts out having no idea what babies eat and then ends up with the #1 brand in the market.

A great example of how motherhood isn't all instinct so much of it has to be learned as you go.
How about you?

Have you seen the movie? What do you think of it? Is your little one eating solids yet? If so what do you feed them? What's their favorite made from scratch and jarred choices? How's it going so far? If not what are you thinking about doing for their mealtimes?

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